Summertime is Double the Love Time!

Once each year we run our matching gift drive known as “Double the Love.” That time is now! Generous corporate donors have agreed to match each dollar, you our steadfast donors, donate during the month of August. that means the money you give this month to Sonsini to use for animal food and medical care weil go twice as far as it normally would. There is no better time than now to send in your donation!

Last year your dollars helped us through a very challenging winter. Several dogs came to us meeting extensive medical care. There is Grace, who waiting merely four pounds when she was found on the side of a city road in March. Grace’s fur was so matted there were sores underneath and her toenails so long she could barely walk. Grace required special food from vet so she could gain weight and her skin clear up.

Another sweetheart, Bella, a male nourished white boxer, had spent her entire life in a small crate. We made weekly trips to the veterinarian so that Bella could receive special shots to help her body repair. Throughout their recoveries both Bella and Grace remain good-natured and very patient. Eventually, they were placed in loving, forever homes. This would never have been possible, if not for you! Many of you followed their progress and responded with supplies and donations which enabled us to help these dogs.

Hewie, a stray cat, came to us scared and scraped after being tormented by some children. Despite his rough life on the streets, he was a gentle, loving cat who loved to be snuggled and shown attention. Hewie now lives a quiet life is an indoor kitty with a retiree who fell in love with him. He never has to live in fear again.

Please click here to read the rest of our Double the Love donation letter with more stories of our animals! Double15

Remember you can use the “Donate” Name Tag on the right to donate online and it will be doubled!! You can mail us at

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter, 63 Downing Parkway, Pittsfield MA 01201