The Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter, Pittsfield’s municipal shelter, is managed by Friends of Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charity. We are dedicated to re-uniting stray animals from Pittsfield with their owners, providing shelter and veterinary care for animals in need, and finding loving homes for adoptable, homeless animals.

Your donations allow us to continue our work to help as many animals as possible and we greatly appreciate every donation received.


And, from July 5th through the 7th, Sonsini Animal Shelter will be accepting donations of plants, soil and grass seed in order to beautify the shelter and the outdoor area for the animals. We are calling this our “Divide & Donate” drive as so many people regularly find themselves dividing their beautiful plants in their home gardens and then struggling to find “homes” for them. We are prepared to give your plants an amazing home here at the shelter. The plants will beautify the outdoor areas and make the shelter seem even more like a home for our dogs, cats and chickens. We are also looking for volunteers to help plant the donations on July 8 starting at 9 am. Ornamental grasses, hostas and hardy perennials are what we are searching for. Please try to ensure that your donation is animal friendly. If you have any questions, please call.