perigeehomepagetopThe Sonsini shelter belongs to the Dining for Dough Program that is operated by the Perigee restaurant in Lee, Massachusetts on Route 102.

When you dine at Perigee and provide the Dining for Dough Flyer for our shelter when you pay, the restaurant will donate 10% of your dining bill to our shelter. A check will be sent to the shelter once a quarter and there is no limit on the amount of “dough” the shelter receives.

The Perigee restaurant offers New England favorites, barbecue, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. It is located at 1575 Pleasant Street on Route 102 about one mile east of the Berkshire Theater Festival buildings. The telephone number for reservations is 413-394-4047. See the Perigee web site ( for specific menus.

Remember, you must present the Sonsini Dining for Dough Flyer at the time you pay for a meal in order for a donation to be made. Print a copy of the flyer here. Call the shelter (413-448-9800) if you have any questions about this program.

You may consider giving a copy of the Dining for Dough Flyer to family and friends who are in the area of the restaurant (Stockbridge, Lee and Lenox, for example), and to anyone else who may enjoy a dinner out while supporting our shelter. Shelter personnel have eaten at Perigee and can vouch for its quality.

Bon Appetit!!!