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We adopted our dog Gator from the Eleanor Sonsini Shelter and I can’t say enough about the love he gives us, the love we give him and also the love he received from the shelter while he was there. My daughter Rori was 12 (she is 20 now) when she wanted a dog and saw Gator’s picture on the shelter’s site. We took a trip down to see him and we were so disappointed because he had already been adopted! We went home sad. She had her heart set on him. But as a young girl she was ready to just pick out someone else. I said let’s wait a few days and come back and I am sure they get dogs in every day. We returned but so had Gator! We adopted him at ½ price since that was his second adoption that week! It was our destiny! Many years later I became friends with Emily, a shelter employee, online and she sent me pictures of Gator and her dog Maya pre-his-adoption. Gator looked like he was in love with her! It gave me such comfort to see Gator before we met him and also knowing he was loved enough to be taken home on weekends with the caring staff!

He is quite the happy boy although he does suffer from separation anxiety, which is something hard to deal with, observe or even help go away. I bring him to work with me and everywhere it is possible that I go. He is the luckiest dog around and has quite the fan club. People LOVE him! I get stopped all the time with exclamations of how beautiful he is. He has his own Facebook page – Gibson Brown – if you want to follow his antics.

Daisy and Bessie

A house without a dog starts to feel empty rather quickly and after 6 months since our last dog passed, we knew it was time. Because we have a farm and a lot of activity going on all day, we knew we needed a dog who was easy going and would mix well with the other animals. We saw Daisy Mae at the shelter last summer and all it took was one look at her and she went home with us that day. Daisy instantly was loved by all but she’s a high-energy girl and we couldn’t do enough to keep her entertained. So last fall, while walking by the dogs at the shelter, little Bessie came into view. Needless to say, that was the end of her short stay at the shelter. Having her “sister” around has made all the difference in Daisy. Now, both girls spend their days at the farm, greeting visitors, investigating logging jobs in the woods and racing around with whomever will play with them. At night, they come home and pass out because they’ve had so much fun all day. I’m not sure who of us is happier with the arrangement.


Ali has been with us almost 2 years. I can’t imagine our life without him. He wakes up every morning smiling and happy to start a new day. He loves his sister Sydney, all his toys and especially chewing a bone. When Ali came to us we discovered he had been abused and had quite a few fear based and neurological issues He didn’t walk well on a leash, and was fearful of most noises We have worked with our vet , neurologists, and done behavioral training with Leea Foran, Today Ali walks wonderfully on a leash and is more confident every day. He loves his routine and brings joy to our family. We can’t imagine our life without him Thank you to Sonsini for helping us find him.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Rocky came into my life totally unexpected. I had been volunteering at the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter for about two months. Not having pets at home, I was fullfilling my passion there. But for some odd reason Rocky chose me!! An 8yr old Llasa Apso who stands behind the FULL introduction: “The Lhasa Apso dog breed has a temperament and personality that is energetic and playful, yet fearless. Despite their desire to be the center of attention, Lhasas generally have a heart of gold and bring great joy to the homes they reside in.” AND THAT HE DOES! I love him and he loves me!! I want to Thank the Board, the Staff and mostly the Volunteers at Sonsini Animal Shelter for all they have done and continue to do to keep our Fur Friends healthy and get their new homes! Cheers


We adopted Zues in August 2011 from Sonsini Animal Shelter.  He came to them from a breeder as a failed hunting dog.  We were also told he suffered from separation anxiety and was questionable on housetraining skills, but he got along with other dogs and was fairly well behaved overall.  The instant we met Zues we knew he would fit well in our house containing two other dogs, one Beagle, Taz and one Newfoundland-chow mix, Buddy,  and lots of dog friendly visitors to give him attention.  He quickly settled in bonding immediately to Taz and loves our big fenced in yard, sharing his toys, walks around the neighborhood and our summer campfires with friends.  He has such a big personality and has built unique bonds with each of his human family members as well as his brothers Taz and Buddy.  We couldn’t imagine not having him in our lives.  Thank you to the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter for bringing us together!